Pronounce Any Name Correctly!

From Aalar to Zuzite, every person or place name in the entire Bible is included in the 316 page Webb's Easy Bible Names Pronunciation Guide.

With our easy-to-understand method of showing how to pronounce difficult words, you will be able to say any Bible word easily, with confidence.

For example:

Irshemesh: eer-SHEM-ish

Simple, isn't it?

Multiple Spellings When Needed!

With over two years in research, every person and place name in every English translation of the Bible is included in this guide.

Many Bible names are spelled differently in different translations. We've included every spelling of every name.

For example:

Ir Shemesh: eer-SHEM-ish
Ir-shemesh: eer-SHEM-ish
Irshemesh: eer-SHEM-ish

Whether you are using the most modern translation, or even the Douay-Rheims version (which is even older than the King James Version), Bible names as they appear in your Bible are here.

Apocrypha too!

Even names from the Apocrypha are included.

In order to serve our Catholic brothers and sisters, names and places from these books appear in Webb's Easy Bible Names Guide.