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Steven K. Webb is a husband, a father and a grandfather who yielded to the call of God’s love at the age of sixteen years. He readily admits to his frequent need of the cleansing power of the infinite, unfathomable grace that the sacrifice of Jesus makes available to anyone who has a personal relationship with Him.

In 2004 God led Steve to start the world’s first Christian podcast not based on repurposed church sermons.  An outgrowth of that podcast was another, on which Steve reads the Bible through in a year. It was while recording the daily installments of this podcast that he began to feel the need for an easy-to-use Bible names pronunciation guide. 

In 2008 Steve became a professional voice-over artist. Less than a year after making this transition, he was commissioned to record the Douay-Rheims Audio Bible. Upon finding no resources to help with the pronunciation of the names found in this very old Catholic translation of the Bible (it predates the King James Version), even after consulting with Catholic scholars, he set out to create a pronunciation guide for his own use to aid him in the work of recording the Douay. 

Having an extensive library of Christian reference books in his home, and with the added benefit of the internet, Steve carefully researched each name to arrive at the pronunciations printed in Webb’s Easy Bible Names Pronunciation Guide. 

The work took two and a half years. Somewhere during this time, it occurred to Steve that there were probably many other people who could benefit from his research, so he began to include the spellings of Bible names from every English translation he could find, with an eye toward publishing his guide. 

 Steve’s sincere prayer is that you will find Webb’s Easy Bible Names Pronunciation Guide to be a help to you as you seek to serve God in whatever way He calls you. For more information about Steve, please click here.